Charles White                                                            Kirk Bauer  

In 2015, we started collaborating on the possibilities of a fully customizable etched metal product. We wanted to solve the problem that textural metals typically exist only in fixed patterns. It was virtually impossible to be original and creative with textured metal.
We asked: What if you could etch any image or pattern into metal? What if you could add color to it? What if you could order 1 square inch or 10,000 square feet? What if you could create a fully customizable etched metal product manufactured on-demand?!
We answered those questions. And more. In 2018, after years of trial and error, we received a United States Patent on our customized etched metal method. In 2021, after dozens of projects, and after much experimentation and refinement of the process, we filed a second patent application with the US Patent office further expanding the potential of this exciting and innovative product. 
Charles White is the Founder Skyline Art. Founded in 1987, Skyline Art has become a leader in turnkey art solutions for Healthcare, Corporate and Higher Education.
Kirk Bauer served as Director of Product Development at Skyline Art from 2015 – 2023 and interim CEO 2020-2022. He worked in NYC for Conde Nast, Ogilvy & Mather, Disney and ESPN. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Texas, Austin, and his Master of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.
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